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Track what you eat and learn about your eating habits. No journal or calculator required.

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Easy recording. Beats pen and paper any day.

Look up any food in our database, tell us how much of it you had, and we'll calculate the nutrition information right then and there. It really couldn't get easier. We'll even keep track of your nutrition totals for the entire day so you always know how you're doing.

Cook a lot? No problem.

Don't think you're limited to just the foods in our database! Save your recipes to your account, and you (and only you!) can record them just like other foods. As an added bonus, we'll permanently store the ingredients and instructions in case you ever forget.

Learn. Visual feedback on your eating habits.

We'll show you not just how many calories you're eating, but also how they're broken up into fats, carbohydrates, and protein. Plus we'll throw in your sodium, fiber, and sugar intake so you can be even more aware. All in the form of clean, zoomable graphs.